May 28, 2020

Leveraging Blogging and Social Media Benefits

Blogging Readiness
Blogging Readiness (Photo credit: cambodia4kidsorg)

Blogging and social media are two of the best ways to drive traffic to your site. What’s great is they don’t require a big amount of technical knowledge. Some might suggest that because social media trends  are so sharply on the rise because of their versatile by its mobile accessibility that even starting a blog isn’t going to bring your site much traffic.

And why social media today is certainly hot in the world of search engine optimization, a weblog is still very necessary. The reason being you can’t really expound on your point or tell people more about your new product, added service, or industry news in only 140 characters.

That’s what blog sites are for. Think of your social profiles as an elevator pitch, while your blog is a place that you can showcase your knowlegde and build your credibility with existing and new readers.

Create a Blog and Join Social Media Sites

Now is the time to make a blog and get onto social networks. Google and Bing have recently weighted up social sharing algorithmic signals, which means actions taken by other users in relation to your profile are a big deal. Every time someone retweets, mentions, shares, likes, becomes a fan, or +1’s your content, it’s an endorsement in the eyes of the search engines.

You don’t need to be skilled in online marketing strategies such as SEO, paid search or social media marketing to gain visibility and website traffic. One of the best ways for business owners who are struggling to generate website traffic is to establish his or her self as a credible niche authority. —Entrepreneur

Blogs are a great complement to social signals because that’s where things like Google Author Rank and Authorship come in handy. The former is another organic ranking measurement which is specifically designed to build authority with Big G. If you take a look at what Google and Bing are repeatedly saying through their people and doing with their software, you’ll see a clear path toward putting real people in the highest organic rank position.

Blogging and Social Media Tips

Once you have a blogging platform set up on your site, then it’s time to install your social media buttons. Those are generally small icons which visitors can click to go to your social profile pages. This is important because you want an interconnection between your various online properties. Social media statistics bear out that by integrating social links, your site will gain more organic search visibility.

Here are some more tips on what you can do to really help drive traffic to your site to increase your online authority as well as increase your conversion rate:

  • Write about news events related to your industry. Even the oldest industries see new developments. Write about things related to it when something new occurs and your blog will become a valuable resource for people looking for a credible source and reliable information.
  • Guest blog whenever you can. Find a popular blog host and ask to write a guest post. That’s easier said than done but it will payoff in a big way in the long run. In fact, that’s what Google Author Rank is all about. The more ubiquitous your profile is, the better.
  • Give reader tips and tricks to try. How-to articles and informative blog posts do very well in raking signals. But there’s a lot of competition, so that’s why building an audience is so important. Having a solid social media presence where you routinely interact with others and regular blogging will do the trick nicely.

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