January 18, 2020
browser extensions selling user data

6 Popular Browser Extensions with 4 Million Users Caught Selling Consumers’ Data

Six popular browser extensions for both Chrome and Firefox, have been discovered to collect and sell users’ data…

It’s not at all uncommon for computer software to collect users’ data. And, most disclose the practice in their terms and conditions. But, few to none actually read over those legal documents. So, it comes as no surprise some developers take advantage.

6 Popular Browser Extensions for Chrome and Firefox Found Selling Users’ Data

A recent investigation by the Washington Post found six browser extensions — all of which are available on Chrome and two of which are available on Firefox — were selling users’ data, including page visits and photos browsed.

The culprits are: Hover Zoom, SpeakIt!, SuperZoom, SaveFrom.net Helper, FairShare Unlock, and PanelMeasurement. Combined, these have approximately 4 million users.

Although all six do disclose the possibility of collecting their users’ data in their terms of service, just two, FairShare Unlock and PanelMeasurement, specifically state their software does in fact, collect users’ data.

Both Google and Mozilla have deactivated the six extensions. A spokesperson for Google tells Digital Trends:

“We want Chrome extensions to be safe and privacy-preserving, and detecting policy violations is essential to that effort. Recently, we announced technical changes to how extensions work that will mitigate or prevent this behavior, and new policies that improve user privacy.”

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