February 24, 2020
Google Assistant reminders

Google making All Reminders Go through Assistant Now

Google is apparently pushing all reminders through Assistant, forgoing other mediums which were previously available to users…

Just a few days ago, Google made a big improvement to its notifications by unbundling them. (Previously, all notifications were lumped together, without having single line-item actions such as snoozing or dismissing, individually.) But now, it seems all reminders are being forced to go through Assistant.

All Reminders Forced into Google Assistant

According to¬†Android Police, Google is moving all reminders into Assistant, through a newly revamped interface. Meaning, editing or adding reminders can’t be done totally through the Google app.

If Assistant is disabled on the device or it isn’t installed, tapping on a reminder to edit it brings up a notification to enable or install Assistant.

Also, in countries with unsupported languages, reminders simply disappear. Apparently, Google is making it an all or nothing proposition.

Additionally, the Place option is gone from reminders. Previously, it was possible to choose a location for a reminder (e.g. home, work, or address).

However, these changes aren’t widespread. They are only showing up for some users, which indicates a server-side switch and an experimental test run.

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