Google Wants Users to Think Twice about Deleting Photos from Its Android App

A new Google Photos for Android app delete confirmation is now rolling out to users, while the “Undo” snackbar action remains as another option…

A minor update is coming to the Google Photos for Android mobile app — a new delete confirmation. Now, when a user taps the trash icon to delete an image or video, an explicit warning message appears.

Android Google Photos App Delete Confirmation Rolls Out

Apparently, there’s enough user feedback and/or just an epiphany by the search giant to warrant adding a delete confirmation message. Previously, tapping the delete icon on a picture or video would immediately send it to the trash. Right after sending an item to the trash, an “Undo” snackbar would then slide up from the bottom of the screen. The “Undo” action would only appear for a few seconds, then disappear. That after-action option remains with the update.

The newest interface iteration brings up different delete confirmations. One reads, “Move to trash? It will be removed from all folders.” Another reads, “Remove from Google account & synced devices?”

The explicit warning messages will likely greatly cut down on errant deletes and/or button taps. And, it gives users the chance to pause and think about deleting photos and videos, rather than relying on an after-the-fact undo option.

While this is new to the native mobile app, Google Photos on desktop already displays a delete confirmation warning that reads, “Move to trash? Items moved to trash are removed from Your Google Photos library, All your synced devices, Content such as albums, [and] Google Drive?”

android google photos app delete confirmation desktop

Recently, Google Photos introduced new sharing options to send individual photos and videos or a collection to other users through its native mobile app.

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