April 1, 2020
Apple Retail Store Closures Outside China to Indefinitely Shut Down

Apple will Not Reopen its Retail Locations Outside of China for an Indefinite Period of Time

Apple will reportedly not reopen its retail locations in the United States or anywhere else outside of China, but keep them closed for an unknown time…

With the ongoing spread of COVID-19, many aspects of everyday life have either been altered, suspended, or come to a complete stop. One such example is the maker of the iPhone, Apple, which will not reopen any of its retail locations that are located outside of China, according to Bloomberg.

Apple Retail Store Closures Outside China to Remain Shut Down Indefinitely

Last weekend, Apple shut down its retail stores in the United States. But it also closed retail shops for an indefinite period in Italy. Conversely, in mainland China, Apple has already reopened all of its forty-two retail spots.

The company hasn’t provided the public with any further information but also states that, as of now, all of its retail establishments outside China will remain closed for an indefinite amount of time.

Such a move will certainly complicate its in-store returns, as well as its repair program. However, the corporation has already announced an extension of its return window for any customers who purchased products prior to the retail closures. Although, the situations with outstanding in-store pickups and existing repair orders remains unclear.

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