Bing Advanced Weather Answers Roll Out

Bing advanced weather answers provides more detailed forecast information to users with rich visuals and more search options, including semantic search…

Bing introduced two new weather search features, which include more specific information. Animated cards appear with real-time forecasts on the SERP or search engine results page. The card displays a seven day forecast, complete with an hourly slider, precipitation percentage, wind speed and relative humidity.

Bing Advanced Weather Answers Launch

“We refreshed the weather experience on Bing to help you plan your days using visually rich forecast information. Now, when you search for the weather in your city (for example, New York), Bing provides an animated experience using real-time forecasts. You can view the forecast by the hour using the interactive slider. Move the slider and the background animation and forecast data update to match the time of day, helping you to plan your day with confidence,” The Bing Team announced.

Bing advanced weather answers also display customized backgrounds for major cities, such as New York City and London. For instance, the Bing NYC weather card displays a skyline. (Other cities display a colored gradient background.)

Bing advanced weather answers NYC example

The weather card also allows users to toggle backgrounds on and off. Additionally, natural language or semantic search works with Bing advanced weather answers. For example, searching “What’s the weather like” will return the card with real-time data. Search “what’s the forecast for tomorrow” as a follow-up and the answer will appear.

Bing also accommodates searches for specific resorts for winter sports, like skiing. Searching by resort name and weather returns a card with detailed forecast information. For example, searching “Aspen conditions” returns a seven day forecast.

Bing advanced weather answers Aspen CO example

At this time, snow conditions are only available in the United States. However, the rich visual weather cards are available worldwide. In January, Bing added peak restaurant traffic times to its SERP. The search engine also began displaying local business holiday hours back in November of last year. 

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