Google Image Search Spotted Testing a New UI Mobile-Style for Desktop

The desktop Google Image search platform is currently testing a mobile-style UI or user interface, bringing some familiar features to the web…

Google conducts a lot of tests. A whole lot of tests. Just this week, mobile search began displaying a “More results” button which eliminates pagination. Back in December, it tested “Related Searches” for images on mobile. Prior to that, the company started testing a SERP snippets answers carousel.

The search engine even tested displaying answers with no paid or organic listings for certain queries. Now, it’s experimenting with desktop images search, injecting a mobile-style UI.

Desktop Google Image Search Testing New Mobile-Style UI

First reported by Android Police, the existing desktop image search looks more like the mobile version in the change. The test version displays short captions and URLs under image previews, along with “Related Searches” boxes. When opened in the image viewer, image details appear to the left, with related images displaying below.

It also contains two circular buttons — “share” and the three-dot menu (which likewise appears on mobile). Here’s a screenshot:

desktop Google Image search testing new mobile-style UI screenshot
Credit: Adam Ambrozy

Currently, it’s only showing up on Windows 10 in incognito mode. It’s not readily duplicable for everyone, so it seems like a limited test.

Owen E. Richason IV

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