Facebook might Soon Let Users Block Custom Words and Phrases in their Timelines

Facebook custom comment filtering just may become a real option sometime in the future, as an app researcher finds the feature…

Online harassment is a real thing — we all get that. But what about more nuanced situations? Facebook and its incumbents are known for taking steps to help protect users against abuse and hate speech. But soon, it might also be possible to block certain words, phrases, and even emoji from appearing in comments.

Facebook Custom Comment Filtering might Soon Come to the Platform

Here again, app researcher Jane Manchun Wong has found an interesting option that’s currently in development. And, it would give users the ability to use custom content filtering of particular words and phrases.

However, it appears the block would only apply to people outside the conversation, while the two parties involved would still see them. So, it would let the poster think their comment got through but it would remain just between the two people in the conversation.

All-in-all, it’s a good way to offer more granular control over what does and doesn’t appear in users’ timelines:

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