Facebook, Google Birthday Greetings Reveal stiff Personalization Competition

Facebook and Google birthday greetings say a lot about users and their want of more personalized experiences from tech companies…

People like recognition. People also want more control over their apps and other technologies. Facebook and Google definitely understand this. Birthdays present a prime opportunity to showcase tech prowess with personalized greetings. 

Facebook, Google Birthday Greetings Show Race to Deliver Better UX

With such wealth of personal data, Facebook and Google can deliver more personalized UX or user experience at practically any time. Take for example these two birthday greetings: 

Facebook birthday greeting

Each immediately pops up when entering their respective platforms (app above and desktop below). Tapping on the Facebook birthday greeting simply opens a message wall. Google opts for a simple animation with a Happy Birthday message:

Google birthday greeting

However, the Google birthday greeting only animates the candles but does not contain sound or song:

Google birthday greeting
Credit: Google

These clearly demonstrate how important personalization is to users. Micro experiences and granular controls are great ways to deliver what consumers desire. For the world’s largest social media network, personalized birthday greetings are an ideal fit. For the world’s most used search engine, it’s a bit odd. However, both companies indulge users because personalization is a key factor in consumer behavior. Serve up more and repeat usage increases significantly.

Although Facebook and Google are in seemingly different worlds as their purposes differ, it’s clear users clamor for personalization in various ways. Facebook might have the upper hand in some aspects. And, with the meagre performance of Google+, the search engine relies more on its other clients, such as Gmail, Inbox, Photos, Calendar, Google Feed, and more.

While the Facebook birthday greeting certainly isn’t new, it continues to evolve. As for the search giant, this is reveals a personalized experience of the Google Doodle. 

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