Apple Shuts Facebook iOS Apps Out of Its Store in Latest Scandal Fallout

Facebook iOS apps banned on the heels of the revelation the social network paid teens to collect all their data through a sketchy program…

A bombshell investigative report by TechCrunch revealed Facebook was using a “research app” to collect the private data of teen users for $20 per month.

Facebook iOS Apps Banned from the Apple Store

Turns out, Facebook was collecting private data through a sketchy program called “Project Atlas.” Participants were compensated to download the mobile app, which provided unfettered access to any connected device‚Äôs network data. In other words, Facebook gained complete access to just about everything the device owner did.

Not only did the social corporation demand access to all data, it also asked users to upload screenshots of their Amazon purchase history page.

As a result of the published expose, Apple responded by banning Facebook internal iOS apps. Apple explained in a statement to Recode, in-part:

“clear breach of their agreement with Apple…which is what we did in this case to protect our users and their data”

The revocation of the certificate which allowed Facebook to distribute apps across the store means those apps will no longer be available. Additionally, it stops already installed apps from working.

Ashley Lipman

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