Facebook Introduces Mentorships, Matching People within Groups for Guidance

Facebook Mentorships rolls out, giving users in Groups the ability to partner up to form positive relationships around different situations…

Social giant Facebook continues to attempt to rehabilitate its reputation. Today, it announced the arrival of Mentorships, an option which pairs people in Groups around various topics. 

Facebook Mentorships Launches, Pairing People for Positive Relationships

Facebook Mentorships help to connect those seeking guidance and those who can provide it. Currently, there are approximately 200 million Group members on the social network. Previously, the feature was open to a small percentage of groups for testing and now it’s available widely.

However, it’s not exactly a freely available service. Only Group administrators can enable mentorships within their communities. Furthermore, it’s up to the admins to pair users up and to introduce them to one another. Thereafter, the pair can go through a program that’s guided by Facebook. Pairs can communicate through Facebook or through Messenger.

Gabriel Cohen, Facebook’s product manager for Groups, states during the test phase, group administrators were okay with the heavy lifting. But, feedback indicates admins would welcon some help along the way. Cohen said, “We are relying on them to make these matches, but I think there are opportunities to simplify the effort they need to make. It takes a lot of work to maintain a community well and we don’t want to burden them more.”

Right now, the option is limited. But, there plans to expand it to more groups over time.

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