June 1, 2020
Facebook mobile video stats

Facebook Mobile Video Stats Reveal these Surprising Trends

The latest Facebook mobile video stats show both pre-produced and live broadcasts are steadily on a huge rise across the entire globe…

Facebook just released its latest figures on mobile video and the numbers are quite astonishing. The newest round of Facebook mobile video stats clearly prove the power of video marketing on its flagship site, as well as Instagram.

Facebook Mobile Video Stats Uncover these Interesting Trends

Over the past year, daily worldwide consumption of Facebook Live broadcasts is up 4x and Instagram video viewing increased by 80 percent over the same period. In its survey, respondents across the United States and Canada told the company they plan to consume more mobile video in the future. And, the Cisco corporation estimates more than 75 percent of global mobile traffic data will be video.

The survey shows how people in the U.S. and Canada watch mobile video in different locations. Home took the number one spot for consumption of both Facebook mobile video and Instagram mobile video, with 85 percent and 84 percent, respectively. Friends’ and family members’ houses came in second, with 49 percent for both. Public location represented 46 percent for Facebook mobile video and 43 percent for Instagram mobile video. Work accounted for 35 percent and 38 percent, with outdoors next at 34 percent and 35 percent. Rounding it out are commutes, with 27 percent for Facebook and 29 percent for Instagram.

Facebook mobile video stats chart
Credit: Facebook

Facebook also asked survey participants why they watch video on the social network, Instagram, and television. Interestingly, of the two questions, Facebook and Instagram combined easily outperformed TV:

Facebook mobile video stats why watch chart
Credit: Facebook

Respondents were also asked to associate feelings with video watching. A full 62 percent reported feeling happy while watching Instagram video, 56 percent watching Facebook video, and 47 percent watching television. Forty-nine percent stated they felt excited when viewing Instagram videos, 42 percent for Facebook, and 24 percent for TV. Forty-four percent say they felt inspired while watching Instagram video, 40 percent on Facebook, and 18 percent on television. The feeling of relaxation is the only one where TV outperformed Instagram and Facebook, with 68 percent, 48 percent, and 42 percent, respectively.  

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