July 7, 2020
Facebook starts labeling state-controlled media

Facebook Now Displays a New Label that Alerts Users to State-Controlled Content

Facebook is beginning to apply a conspicuous label that lets users know when something is put out by state-controlled media…

Approximately eight months after Facebook first announced its intention to label state-controlled media, the social network is starting to apply said labels. From now on, the social platform will add labels to media outlets that are wholly or partially under the direct control of their respective governments.

Facebook Starts Labeling State-Controlled Media

The new Facebook state-controlled media labels will now appear within the site’s Ad Library Page, on Pages, as well as in the Page Transparency section. People in the United States will start to see them soon on Posts inside the News Feed, too. Also, the company plans to block ads which are purchased by state-controlled media outlets. 

Facebook says it worked with over sixty-five experts on media, governance, and human rights in order to determine what qualifies whether or not a media outlet is or is not state-controlled. To do so, the social site looks at their mission statements, ownership structure, editorial guidelines, funding, and other factors.

Additionally, Facebook states that any organization that believes a label was misapplied can submit an appeal. Furthermore, the social network says it will continue to refine its approach to this policy over time.

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