Facebook Thanksgiving Memories Picture Collage Now Available

The Facebook Thanksgiving Memories is out, with limited editing, along with a donation option, as part of the ongoing effort to boost user engagement…

The Facebook Thanksgiving Memories collection is out now, available on the mobile Android and iOS apps, as well as desktop. And, in keeping with the last few releases, it’s not appearing in users’ News Feeds. Instead, it’s available in the Memories section of the site.

Facebook Thanksgiving Memories Photo Collection goes Live

What’s different out the Facebook Thanksgiving Memories picture collage is it’s not only new but brings with it familiar problems. For instance, in past collections users could ostensibly edit the collage, adding or deleting photos. However, for this edition, that tool doesn’t necessarily work.

Also, while there is a donation button included, there is now way to tag family members and friends. (Although it is possible to tag people after the initial share through the edit option.)

Facebook continues to go up against a number of challenges. Its user base in North America has seemingly plateaued. Teens and tweens either avoid the social network or have abandoned it. Plus, it’s fighting against “context collapse,” or a lack of original content broadcasting. (A phenomenon in which users share less organic content.)

How to Get the Facebook Thanksgiving Picture Collage

To get the Facebook Thanksgiving photo collection for 2018, simply open the app on Android or iOS, or visit the desktop site. Then, navigate to the Memories bookmark. If available, it will appear at the very bottom.

If it is not there, simply check back. It’s currently rolling out, so not all users will see it immediately. (Please note that Facebook only serves its collections spontaneously.)

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