May 31, 2020
Facebook Voice Posts

Facebook just Introduced Voice Posts, along with a Stories Archive and Cloud Storage

Facebook Voice Posts are here, along with a new Stories archive, and cloud storage, which all debut in India before world wide roll out…

Facebook is at it again. It’s still fighting a war against context collapse, an ongoing trend where users share less original content. While time-on-site remains solid, the social network relies on “original content broadcasting” to keep its advertising prowess strong. Today, the company is rolling out three new features to coax users into sharing more, more often.

Facebook Voice Posts, Stories Archive, and Cloud Storage Debut

Facebook Voice Posts are particularly intriguing, giving users the power to post without having to type. This is especially useful in regions where there is more than one dialect or language, supplanting the need to switch keyboards. (This is why all three feature are first arriving in India.) The new tool is tucked inside the Facebook Camera, for users to share audio posts. Voice recordings have the advantage of being fast and spontaneous, making them a great option for posting on-the-fly.

Additionally, the social site is adding another Facebook Camera tool: cloud storage. Until now, many users in emerging markets must delete old photos to free-up space on devices with limited storage. Now, it’s possible to save image captures to users’ Facebook accounts, instead of on devices.

Facebook likewise states it will introduce a new feature in the coming weeks to archive Stories. This option will allow users to save Stories that otherwise disappear in a day.

Facebook Stories Archive
Credit: Facebook

Of course, with the debut of these new tools, Facebook is adding more ways to keep users on the platform longer and to engage more. That translates directly into more data collection, giving the social network an even deeper understanding of its users’ interests and more.

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