Firefox Now Warns its Users when They Visit Breached Websites

Firefox Monitor Notifications will tell users if they are visiting sites which were previously breached or compromised in the near future…

Future releases of Firefox will alert users if they land on a website that’s been victimized by a recent data breach.

Firefox Monitor Notifications Warn Users about Breached Websites

The new tool, called Firefox Monitor Notifications, is already available on Firefox Quantum and will also arrive on the main browser in the coming weeks.

Firefox Monitor Notifications automatically warns users when they visit a recently-breached site. Users can then click on the message to visit the Firefox Monitor site, where it’s possible to see if personal data was part of the leak.

The new Firefox Monitor Notifications only appear once. And, suspicious sites must have been compromised in the past twelve months. Also, users can disable the alerts, if desired.

Firefox recently introduced a tool to stop cookies from tracking users from site to site.

Here’s part of the announcement about the new warning system:

“…we are adding a notification to our Firefox Quantum browser that alerts desktop users when they visit a site that has had a recently reported data breach. We’re bringing this functionality to Firefox users in recognition of the growing interest in these types of privacy- and security-centric features.”

Bill Boyles

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