January 25, 2020
Gmail Inbox features

Google might Bring Three More Beloved Inbox Features to Gmail

Gmail-Inbox feature mergers haven’t included all the innovative tools, but now, three more might make their way over in the future…

Back in September of last year, Google officially announced the end of Inbox by Gmail. Google explained at the time, it was retiring the product to place its focus “solely on Gmail.” And, this wasn’t exactly unexpected.

Over the course of several months, many of the pioneering features of the service were either been added to Gmail or went away entirely. For instance, email AMP experience first appeared in Inbox — which could still make its way over to Gmail. And, in August, the company abruptly removed two features from Inbox.

Now, we’re supposedly seeing the first signs of two more Inbox by Gmail options making a transition.

Gmail Inbox Features, Pins and Reminders Possible Additions

Reddit user moodio recently shared an apparent leak, which ostensibly shows a test version of Gmail for Android. In it, reminders, pinned messages, and category bundles show up:

gmail inbox ported features
Source: Reddit

Subsequent reports have treated this with a good deal of skepticism. Even moodio, who first shared the pic, cautioned, this is “very early,” and there are “different design iterations.”

However, this does fit-in with Google’s plans to reintroduce several of Inbox’s most innovative and useful features in Gmail. 

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