May 29, 2020
Google Accelerated Mobile Page technology

Google to Let Go its Grip over AMP Technology

Google Accelerated Mobile Page technology, code for rendering web pages quickly, will no longer be at the control of the search giant…

When Google first introduced AMP technology or Accelerated Mobile Pages, it debuted with mix reactions. While it does load pages at a fraction of the time of normal code, it was also seen as another way of the search giant to take over the web under the guise of speed. Now, Google will cede control of the tech, opting for what it calls an “open governance model.” So, third-parties will wield the technology.

Google Accelerated Mobile Page Technology Power Transfer Announced

AMP came onto the scene as an open standard. And, it boasts 710 contributors, 10,000 commits, and over 350 contributions in the past thirty days. However, under the current model, the AMP project does not scale well. To address this shortcoming, Google will give over control to a “Technical Steering Committee:”

“While this works great for smaller projects, we’ve found that it doesn’t scale to the size of the AMP Project today. Instead we want to move to a model that explicitly gives a voice to all constituents of the community, including those who cannot contribute code themselves, such as end-users. The change we are proposing is based on months of research, through which we’ve decided to follow the lead of the Node.js project and move to a consensus-seeking governance model.”

Additionally, an advisory committee will join in the TSC to help guide the project with both core and other aspects of the AMP project:

“Meanwhile we’re excited to announce that we’ve talked to a few folks up front and they agreed to join the Advisory Committee including representatives from publishers (El País and Washington Post), e-commerce sites (AliExpress, eBay and Terra) and platforms (Cloudflare and Automattic) as well as advocates for an open web (Léonie Watsonof The Paciello Group, Nicole Sullivan of Google/Chrome, and Terence Eden).”

Credit: Google

Google published a sign-up form for the governance groups. The search engine is also exploring ways to improve the technology for the future.

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