Google Chrome Now Protects High-Profile Targets against Shady Downloads

The Google Chrome Advanced Protection Program now provides more protection against high-rick hacking targets on the web…

The Chrome browser continues to add to its security prowess. Now, that includes protection from high-risk hacking targets, as well.

Google Advanced Protection Program Now Protects High-Risk Hacking Targets

Going forward, Chrome will now sound extra warnings against some suspicious files. The browser will also outright block others completely.

One reason for the enhanced security is it’s easier for hackers to use the open web, rather than email. And, it shows how far bad actors will go. For instance, malware creators are building programs which cause malicious downloads to start without human consent. Plus, hacking campaigns aren’t lessening in frequency.

Shuvo Chatterjee Product Manager, of the Advanced Protection Program and Kiran Nair Product Manager for Chrome write:

“Advanced Protection Program users who have turned on sync in Chrome will automatically start receiving stronger protections against risky downloads across the web, like files containing malware. Advanced Protection users already benefit from malware protections beyond Gmail’s standard, industry-leading safeguards. As a result, attackers are shifting their strategies to threaten Advanced Protection users outside of email with linked malware and ‘drive-by downloads’ where users unknowingly download harmful software onto their devices.”

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