Google Makes it Possible for Android Apps to Update while In-Use

The new Android in-app updates API gives developers the ability to set their programs to upgrade while in use on mobile devices…

With all the advances in technology, we’re all reminded from time-to-time it’s not perfect. For instance, take the tiny annoyance of getting locked out of an app while it updates. Now, this isn’t exactly a big deal but apparently Google thinks it is and has done something about it.

Google Announces New Android In-App Updates API

To make a more seamless experience, Google released a new Android in-app updates API or application program interface at its annual developer summit.

The new Android in-app updates API gives devs a bit more power when it comes to how their products handle updates. One is a full-screen option. It prevents the use of an app while it downloads and installs an update. This is best suited for security patches and bug fixes.

The other new tool is called a flexible update. When turned on, it allows people to continue to apps while downloading updates. Moreover, devs can customize the experience to make it run without interrupting the experience.

Currently, the new Android in-app updates API is only available to early access developers. (Although, it’s not live at this time but will open soon.)

Bill Boyles

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