February 25, 2020
Google Play Android Play Pass

Google Coyly Teases Play Store ‘Play Pass’ for Android in Tweet

Google has revealed it’s about to offer ‘Play Pass’ for Android, a monthly subscription service on Android for access to premium apps…

In a teaser tweet, Google confirmed its about to launch a new service called Google Play Pass. Although the company did not release details, it is known it will work with Android devices and will likely give subscribers access to premium apps.

Google Announces ‘Play Pass’ for Android

The forthcoming Google Play Pass for Android will allow people to pay to use premium apps, including music, fitness trackers, and games. The cost is presumably just $5 per month.

While there’s not much known about the upcoming service, it will probably spare subscribers from ads and might unlock in-app purchases.

Apple likewise has its own subscription $5 subscription service, Apple Arcade, but it is for games. 

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