June 4, 2020
Google Chrome ad filter

Google Says its Chrome Browser will Start Filtering Out Disruptive Ads Globally in July

The Google Chrome ad filter, first announced last year, and ready to go live in February in the US, Canada, and Europe, will debut worldwide in July… 

Search juggernaut Google has just announced it will release its Chrome ad filter globally, beginning on July 9th. The new Google Chrome ad filter will target disruptive and intrusive ads which violate the Coalition for Better Ads’ Better Ads Standards.

Google Chrome Ad Filter Worldwide Roll Out Announced for Disruptive and Intrusive Experiences

Once unleashed, the Google Chrome ad filter will block twelve different types of ads that users find annoying. These include, but are not limited to: pop-ups, auto-play videos, full screen interstitials, prestitial ads which display before pages load, and more.

Moreover, if websites continue to serve up ads which violate standards, Google block all ads on its pages. To prepare, Google is giving publishers and advertisers alike tools to ensure their advertising content adheres to standards.

Google initially announced its Chrome ad filter last year for version 71 of the browser. Google says millions of Chrome users have encountered such pages that don’t provide enough clear information on their shady subscription services. Additionally, Chrome version 71 also mutes sites which play sound automatically.

Google says two-thirds of all publishers who previously served non-compliant ads have made corrections.

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