Google Chrome Now Mutes those Annoying Autoplay Videos on Websites

The long awaited Google Chrome autoplay video mute tool is now live and functioning in version 66, helping to improve UX…

Google Chrome users can rejoice over the latest release of the web browser. With version 66, those unpleasantly disruptive autoplay videos with sound will now go silent.

Google Chrome Autoplay Video Mute Feature Arrives in Version 66

Version 66 also contains a number of security fixes. But, most importantly to UX or user experience, it will mute pre-loaded videos, as well as other content with enabled sound. Users can now choose to toggle on the sound, if desired.

Google previously explained it will only autoplay video if the media does not include sound. Or, if a user has expressed interest through past browsing sessions. The latter depends on past behaviors. For instance, if a user frequently played media on a website, or if the user interacts during a browsing session. It will also autoplay with sound if the site is added to a mobile home screen.

There’s another benefit to stopping sound-enabled autoplay videos: data consumption. Autoplay videos take a lot of resources, which causes slowdowns, particularly on mobile devices.

Google has been developing the feature since last year. Chrome 64 was suppose to include an autoplay video blocker. But instead, the company delivered a version with a sitewide mute option. The feature was then scheduled for version 65. Still, it didn’t make the final release. Now, it’s here in version 66, which is currently rolling out over the coming days.

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