Turns Out, Google has a Flag which Detects Lookalike URLs and Warns People to Avoid Them

Google Chrome lookalike URL warnings are available through an experimental flag, with version 70 or later, providing users with more browser security…

It’s both maddening and common to mistype a URL. Just a slight miss by one or more fingers causes annoyance and could possibly lead to actual harm. Well, Google is apparently working on a fix for such situations. At least, when it comes to accidentally navigating to a lookalike site.

Google Chrome Lookalike URL Warning Experimental Flag Feature Discovered

In the not-too-distant future, Chrome will alert users when they mistakenly try to go to a lookalike web address, according to ZDNet. It’s another step toward a more secure browsing experience and is ready for use through an experimental flag.

Google has long been testing the tool since the Canary build of version 70, starting last fall. Now, with the release of latest stable build, it’s in the background as a flag.

It’s quite common for malicious actors to register frequent misspelled web address of popular sites. This tactic gives nefarious characters the opportunity to catch people off guard when they mistype URLs. Doing so means the ability to capture users’ credentials and other personal information.

To enable the new Google Chrome lookalike URL warning tool, go to chrome://flags/#enable-lookalike-url-navigation-suggestions.

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