Google Device Health Services Battery App Now Available in the Play Store

The battery monitoring app, Google Device Health Services, formerly only available, is now in the Google Play Store for download, but not in all markets…

Google continues its trend of pulling more functions and services out of core OS and into its Play Store. This trend includes Dialer, Google Keyboard (now Gboard), Google Assistant, and more. Today, the search giant introduced the Google Device Health Services battery app to its e-commerce platform.

Google Device Health Services Battery App Play Store Debut is Here

Previously, the Google Device Health Services function was only available to Nexus and Pixel devices. But now, it’s making its way as a standalone mobile native app. It’s described, “Device Health Services predicts how long your phone’s battery will last based on your usage.”

Visually, no changes are conspicuous in comparison to the last iteration. Meaning, any changes are likely under-the-hood. Though Device Health Services now appears in the Play Store, it’s not available worldwide at this time.

Owen E. Richason IV

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