June 1, 2020
Google app Discover more recommendations card

The Google App is Now Recommending more Interests for Users to Follow

The Google app is now displaying a discover more interests card in the feed, prompting users to follow additional topics…

In the past few days, some Google app users have been seeing a “Discover more” recommendations card. It’s a new part of the interface and helps people to find additional topics which might interest them.

Google App Shows New Card Suggesting More Interests

The new Google app Discover more recommendations card contains a grid of six blocks with topic suggestions. It comes equipped with a eight-pointed star, along with a “Follow” button, as well as carousel of “Related” interests tucked underneath.

Credit: 9t5Google

Google has evolved its Discover app in a number of ways, including a few name changes along the way. Although it’s not a social network, like Facebook or Twitter, it does serve as an alternative to news apps, such as Google News.

Of course, by letting users customize the app to surface their interests, makes serving targeted advertising all the more easy.

Tapping on any one of the suggestions opens up the article, along with related topics in shortcuts across the top of the content.

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