Google Duo Now Lets Users Share Disappearing Photos

Google Duo ephemeral photo sharing is here in the latest version of the mobile app, joining video and audio message sharing…

Although Google Duo isn’t nearly as popular as other video calling apps, like Facebook Messenger, it’s managed to rack-up more than 4 million downloads.

Part of the reason for its underwhelming adoption is Google’s approach to messaging — which is not cohesive. For instance, it took some time, but three years after its release, the app gained group video calling. Now, it’s adding another previously-missing staple — sharing pictures.

Google Duo Ephemeral Photo Sharing Debuts

Google Duo ephemeral photo sharing is how it debuts. That’s right, a disappearing picture feature. Users can simply open the gallery on their phone, choose a pic, and Duo will appear as one of the sharing options.

The Google Duo photo sharing tool also comes complete with an editing suite. And, users can send an image up to five recipients. But, it’s limited to just a single snap at a time, not multiple pictures.

Another small quirk is the fact that once a photo is sent, it can’t be recalled. While users can delete the pic message from their own devices, it seems recipients maintain the message. At least, until it self-destructs on a preset expiration date.

The new Google Duo disappearing photo sharing option is now available on version 56 of the app.

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