Google is Now Testing a Dark Mode for its Feed App and it’s Even Showing Up on Non-Pixel Devices

A Google Feed app dark theme test is now appearing on some mobile phones, including non-Pixel devices, according to Reddit user reports…

Google first introduce a dark mode for Android 8.0 on the Pixel 2. But, it only appeared dependent on the user’s wallpaper. It surfaced on the Pixel Launcher, app list, Quick Settings, as well as on the Google Feed (formerly Google Now). However, for the latter, it merely darkened the background. Now, the tech company is running an A/B test for a true dark mode, which applies to the whole interface. Although, with the roll out of Android 9 Pie, users do not have to set a specific wallpaper to run it.

Google Feed App Dark Theme Test Spotted

Now, for the Google Feed, left side cards on the homescreen still include black text against a white background. (The dark background is underwhelming, not making too much a difference.) But, a Reddit user has spotted another look. It’s a real dark theme, which includes white text against grey cards. The background remains transparent and shadows surround individual cards.

What’s more interesting is Google is making this appear on non-Pixel devices. One such example shows up on an Essential phone. Here are some screenshots of it in-action:

Google Feed app dark theme screenshots


This comes at a time when Google is adding this option to more of its products. For instance, it just released a dark theme for the YouTube Android app (again). So, the company might well make it available to more of its clients.

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