The Google ‘Find My Device’ App can Now Tell Users Precisely where to Find Lost Phones

The Google Find My Device locator can now tell users who’ve lost their phones right where to find them with remarkable precision…

Not everyone keeps track of their belongings with astute awareness. For the absentminded, it’s a real challenge to locate a set of keys or glasses. It’s even more difficult to find a misplaced phone — especially when in a hurry. But now, there’s a solution. (Although it’s not new, the tool now sports big improvements.)

Google Find My Device Tool can Now Pinpoint Exact Lost Phone Locations within Certain Buildings

The Google Find My Device app gives owners the power to locate their hardware by setting off a ring. Now, it’s more refined and it will show mapped locations of lost devices, at least in some settings, like an office building, airport, or shopping mall.

For several years, Google has made improvements to its mapping systems. And it’s become more and more detailed and accurate. For example, it’s possible to see the layout of department stores and more indoor spaces.

The latest iteration helps to pinpoint a misplaced device, instead of just leading panicked owners to a general location. Rather than having to search the entire building, it now leads owners to a more specific spot. So, instead of having to retrace every step at Tampa International Airport, it will lead owners right to the store or restaurant where they unintentionally left their devices behind.

Bill Boyles

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