February 19, 2020
Google Flights price tracking

Google Adds Price Tracking and Deals to Google Flights, Trips, and Hotel Search

Google Flights price tracking goes live, in conjunction with the same for Google Trips and hotel search, including deal alerts…

Google just added some key new features to its travel services today. These aim to help users find the best rates for flights, hotel lodging, and more. For instance, Google now shows users the best time to purchase airfare or see when room rates are high or low, along with other information.

Google Flights, Trips, Hotel Search Price Tracking and Deals Feature Debuts

The new price tracking tools are quite familiar, working much like Kayak and Trivago. But, incorporating those otherwise distinguishing features are now accessible to anyone searching for specific travel information.

Google Flights employs machine learning to analyze historical data to serve up information about the best time to book air travel. After entering a query, a user will see strategic advice, like “prices won’t drop further’ or ‘prices are less than normal.” This new feature is currently rolling out to desktop and mobile worldwide.

Additionally, Google’s hotel search results will deliver much the same functionality. Searching for a hotel room on Google will deliver the same kinds of tips. Plus, users can opt to receive email alerts about price fluctuations. (That option will come to desktop at the beginning of the year.) This tool is currently rolling out worldwide on mobile.

Lastly, Google Trips for Android and iOS is likewise adding information about discounted prices. The deal-watching feature works when users are visiting their destinations. It will roll out globally in English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, as well as Portuguese.

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