Google Removes Contacts Shortcut from Legacy Gmail

The familiar Google Gmail contacts shortcut will no longer appear inside the legacy Gmail interface but it remains accessible…

Google retained a good deal of its legacy Gmail experience functionality when it revamped the email client in April. Although, it did change up the aesthetics quite a bit, it didn’t change everything. Now, the company is removing the Contacts shortcut and experience from the old user interface:

“To create a more consistent, streamlined Google Contacts experience, we’re removing the embedded contacts feature in Gmail, which gives users access to their contacts from the top left corner of the UI. This feature doesn’t appear in the new version of Gmail that recently launched, and it will soon be removed from the old UI as well.”

Gmail maintained a drop down menu in the top left corner, right under the Google logo. It gave users quick access to different services, such as Contacts and Tasks. (The latter opened in a pop up window but Contacts launched an “embedded contacts feature.” Since that’s associated with the old UI, it’s being deleted.

Google Gmail Contacts Shortcut Removed

Google explains it’s removing the Gmail Contacts shortcut in order to “create a more consistent, streamlined Google Contacts experience.” But, the feature remains accessible. Users can find their contact list simply by going to the dedicated URL or through the app launcher located in the top right corner of every Google property.

Google Gmail contacts shortcut screenshot
Credit: Google

The search engine made the change now because it will sunset the legacy interface on October 16th.

“Since launching Contacts preview in 2016, we’ve made steady improvements to the product. We’re continuing to work toward feature parity with the classic Contacts Manager, with delegation functionality planned for later this year. We highly recommend that all G Suite customers migrate their users to the Contacts preview, provided it meets their needs.”

Google recently announced it would give Android users the ability to disable conversation view. The email client might also get a scheduling feature, according to a look at the latest code.

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