New Mobile Overlay Scroll for Relevant Subtopics on Google Mobile Search Spotted in the Wild

A Google mobile search relevant subtopics overlay scroll test is currently running, surfacing suggestions based on similar queries…

Search giant Google sure does its best to give its users the most on-point information. Now, the company is testing a new feature for mobile search. It includes activity cards, which pop-up when people search something similar to a related topic.

Another addition, called, “dynamic organization,” provides searchers with relevant subtopics for specific queries.

Google Mobile Search Relevant Subtopics Overlay Scroll Spotted

Dynamic organization effectively works to provide more information around a given topic. For example, search for a dog breed and it will include related topics like “buy or adopt,” “common health problems,” and “how to train.” All appear in a neat row, right alongside the primary query.

Now, Google is building off this technology to display relevant subtopics in an overlay scroll format.

An anonymous tipster passed it along to Android Police. The tool is likewise beginning to show up on screenshots via Twitter. The first tipster (who is a beta tester for the Google app, running Android 9.0 on a Pixel 2 XL), first saw it when dragging a finger up and down the screen. Pressing the scroll tab triggers subtopics and allows scrolling through each. (Although, the performance is jittery and not fully polished at this time.)

Of course, this is just a test. Which means, there’s no guarantee it will make its way out of beta to stable, wide release. But, it’s certainly an interesting feature to find more information about a particular topic without having to perform subsequent searches.

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