Google is Releasing a New Dashboard for Multiple Listings for Google My Business

A new multiple listing Google My Business dashboard is currently rolling out to more users as the improved UI sports some useful features…

Last November, Google announced it would revamp the Google My Business dashboard. Within the last month or so, some users already have access to the improved interface. But now, Mike Blumenthal reports it’s slowing becoming available to a wider set.

Google My Business Multiple Listings Dashboard Rolling Out

Google designed the latest iteration to manage multiple business listings (or locations) with less user effort. Here’s a screenshot of it provided by Barry Schwartz at Search Engine Land:

multiple listings Google My Business dashboard
Credit: Barry Schwartz / Search Engine Land

Among the new includes are simpler navigation, quick Insights access, and faster page load speeds. Here are some of the added features in the newest dashboard, according to Google’s official page:

  • Users will no longer need to switch between card and list view within their dashboard; all users, large and small, will be using the same interface.
  • The new dashboard is much easier to navigate, allowing you to click into a listing and edit within the same window.
  • Features such as Posts and Insights are now more easily accessible, displaying on the side navigation panel of the main page.
  • Adding more listings will no longer impact the loading speed of the page.

Not all users will see the latest interface right away. But, it’s readily identifiable if a “Back to GMB Classic” appears in the left-column navigation menu.

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