Google Personalized Search Now includes Reservation Reminders

Google personalized search results are expanding to include more information about upcoming events, visible only to users’ accounts…

While Google personalized search results are nothing new, the company appears to now elaborate on upcoming events. Google has long include personal search results for queries, but it’s seemingly taking it a step further.

Google Personalized Search Results Now Display Reservation Reminders

Queries now include a verbal reminder, along with a feedback section. Searching the query below returns not only information about the restaurant. But also, includes a new feedback section which asks, “Is this helpful? Yes or no.” (The screen capture failed but the second, pictured below, displays a comment section.) There’s also an “Undo” option at the right.

Google personalized search results

As with most queries, both general and personalized, the familiar Google voice assistant is part of the experience. In this instance, it says, “You have a reservation at Bern’s Steakhouse at 17:30 on September 30th.” Below the personalized results is the requested menu, which displays right through the SERP or search engine results page.

Google has delivered personalized search results since at least 2009. However, these are becoming more intricate. Google Now debuted in 2012. And, the company reintroduced it recently as the Google Feed. The search giant also improved Feed, expanding its personal interest cards back in July. 

The latest iteration of the Google app feed not only delivers content based on previous interactions with Google but also factors in trending local news, as well as around the world. Also, the improved Google app Feed gives users the power to do a deep dive into topics and places of interest. 

Owen E. Richason IV

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