February 27, 2020
Google Photos lists pictures and videos not backed up

Google Photos will Now Show Users which Images and Videos were not Backed Up, like It Did Previously

Google has made a change to Google Photos, which will tell users which images and videos weren’t successfully backed up…

Up until about a year ago, Google Photos would inform its users which media items weren’t backed up. With such information, people could easily tell exactly which photos and videos were not stored in the cloud.

However, Google removed this prompt. Since that time, the team has apparently reconsidered the move. 

Google Photos will again List Pictures and Videos not Backed Up

With an upcoming version of Google Photos, there will indeed be indicators to which media items weren’t backed up.

The changelog now includes specific mention of the feature returning, reading:

“We’ve launched a new gallery view to help you see which of your photos and videos have not yet been backed up and proactively choose items to backup. Additionally we’ve introduced several improvements to make Google Photos compatible with foldable devices.”

Although it’s unusual for Google to leak its upcoming changes before release, it isn’t unprecedented, either.

At this time, there’s no official information about its re-release. So, users will merely have to patiently wait to see it back-in-action.

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