Google Play, Movies Anywhere Partnership Debuts

A new Google Play, Movies Anywhere partnership makes movie fans rejoice as it combines four separate services into one single collection for playback…

Finally, a newly announced Google Play, Movies Anywhere partnership brings movie lovers a great gift. Now, Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu users can easily combine their movies and television episodes into one library.

Google Play, Movies Anywhere Partnership Combines Four Services into One

Google Play just added support for Movies Anywhere, a digital video host locker. This means regardless of wherever users purchase TV shows and movies, they all reside in the same space. It works for purchases from Disney, Fox, Sony Pictures, Universal, and Warner Bros. And, all content is viewable on Google Play.

What’s more, when users sign up for a free Movies Anywhere account and connect their other accounts, they receive four titles at no cost. The freebies include: Big Hero 6, Ghostbusters (2016), Ice Age, Jason Bourne (2016), and The Lego Movie.

Combining accounts is very easy:

  1. Simply go to Movies or launch the Movies Anywhere app.
  2. Connect Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and Vudu accounts. (Or, connect just two or three.)

Once registration is complete, all purchases movies and TV shows reside within the Google Play library. Video content is viewable through the Roku Google Play channel, online, and through the Google Play Movies and TV app. Google Play users can also claim Amityville: The Awakening for free, for a limited time.

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