Google Introduces “See What’s In Store” to Help Brick-and-Mortars Showcase their Products

The new Google See What’s In Store tool works right on the SERP, giving potential customers a look at brick-and-mortar merchant products…

Amazon posted a revenue of about $178 billion in 2017. That’s up from nearly $136 billion in 2016. Surprisingly, the majority of purchases, approximately 90 percent of retail spending, is still made in-store. So, Google is out to help those brick-and-mortar locations (and help itself, along the way.)

Google See What’s In Store Launches to Help Brick and Mortar Shops

Google just launched a new marketing tool for retailers called “See What’s In Store.” It’s a new way for shops to display their inventory in the Knowledge Panels, as well as on Google Maps. (For those unfamiliar, Knowledge Panels are those standalone boxes which display on the right side in search results.)

Credit: Google

Additionally, Google will likewise provide location extensions for YouTube video campaigns. Furthermore, merchants can take advantage of enhanced local catalog display ads. These allow retailers to display their large “hero” images. Listings will also contain their in-store inventory, as well as pricing information.

That’s not all. Google is working with certain point-of-sale and inventory data providers, such as Pointy, Cayan, Linx and yReceipts, to relay information to the search engine. 

Surojit Chatterjee, Google Shopping’s head of product, states that 80 percent of consumers will visit a store if they will find what they are looking for. Chatterjee further states that Boulanger, an early retailer trialling the new version of catalog ads, earned 20,000 in-store visits from the program. It also resulted in “a return of 42 times its investment on ad spend.”

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