Google: Sites with More Pages do Not Rank Higher on the SERP

Google SERP rank isn’t influenced by the number of pages on a site or the frequency of publishing content, John Mueller says…

John Mueller of Google took to Reddit to explain that the number of pages “means nothing” relative to higher search ranking.

Google Says More Site Pages do Not cause Higher Search Results Rank

Muller also explained SEO case studies have shown sites with fewer pages ranking better than properties with more pages:

“A higher page count means nothing (otherwise everyone would have an infinite calendar on their site, or heck, two.) There’s (still) no magical ranking factor that results in a site ranking better if it has more pages indexed. If anything, anecdotally from conference presentations & talking with folks, large sites that reduce the number of indexed pages end up ranking better (usually from cutting out cruft, merging similar content, etc). Of course, if you have more things to say about the niche that you’re active in, by all means create more great content for it, but if you’re thinking about just splitting your existing content out across more URLs, that’s unlikely to be a good strategy for search.”

Additionally, Mueller states publishing more often does not influence search rank for sites. However, it’s important to note more quality content does boost search performance.

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