July 7, 2020
Google Turkish Legal Dispute could Affect New Android Devices

New Android Phones Made in Turkey won’t Work with Current Google Apps because of Legal Issues

Due to an ongoing legal issue between the country of Turkey and Google, new Android devices will not support Google apps…

Although Google and Samsung dominate the Android phone market, others are still trying to either compete or break into the market. But, there’s always several obstacles in the way. One such example is saturation. However, there are still regions where there’s room for more. 

Google Turkish Legal Dispute could Affect new Android Devices

New Android phones made in Turkey will not support Google apps, as least, for the time being. That’s due to an ongoing legal dispute between the tech giant and the company.

Said issue stems from antitrust problems the Turkish government raised against Google back in 2018. During September of that year, the country penalized Google with a $17.4 fine for violating its competition law regarding mobile software sales. The tech corporation was then given six months to address the problem. Although Google did change its policies but failed to meet all the country’s requirements.

Because of this insufficiency, Turkey is assessing a fine of equivalent to 0.05 percent of its per-diem revenue. Such a penalty is likely why Google stopped supporting new Android mobile devices in Turkey.

Google wrote in a statement to its Turkish partners:

“We’ve informed our business partners that we will not be able to work with them on new Android phones to be released for the Turkish market. Consumers will be able to purchase existing device models and will be able to use their devices and applications normally. Google’s other services will be unaffected.”

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