July 7, 2020
Hulu ad-free television episodes

Hulu Now lets Binge Watchers View (Some) Television Episodes without Ads

Hulu now lets television show binge watchers see some episodes without ads but there’s a small catch to enjoy the ad-free experience…

Streaming service Hulu is very well aware a good percentage of its viewers watch TV episodes back-to-back. So, it’s rewarding their binging habits by giving them ad-free content. Of course, there’s a caveat but it’s still a net plus for those who don’t want to sign up for the $12 per month plan.

Hulu Introduces Ad-Free Television Episodes for Binge Watchers

Hulu now lets viewers see TV episodes without ad interruptions. Here’s the catch — viewers must first watch at least two episodes, complete with ads, then the third will play, after a pre-roll ad, obviously.

Hulu is using machine learning to determine when viewers are most likely to go on a marathon watching spree. It sends “contextually relevant messaging” acknowledging long viewing sessions. Upon reaching the third episode, it will either play the next in-line without running ads or will display a special offer from one of its sponsors.

Right now, only a limited group of advertisers have signed onto the new format, including Georgia-Pacific, Kellogg’s. and Maker’s Mark. If successful, more will surely follow and that presents a win-win scenario.

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