January 25, 2020
inbox by gmail save to inbox

Google Abruptly Removes Two Email Features from Inbox by Gmail

The very handy Inbox by Gmail Save to Inbox shortcut is no more as Google unceremoniously removes it from the app and kills off the Chrome extension…

Inbox by Gmail, designed by the Gmail team at Google, first debuted as an invitation-only service back in October 2015. In May 2015, Google released it to the public. Since its introduction, Inbox by Gmail has served as a testing ground for new features. One such tool, known as “Save to Inbox,” is or rather, was, quite handy. No, it’s gone from the mobile app after being removed from the web some time ago.

Inbox by Gmail ‘Save to Inbox’ and the Inbox Chrome Extension, Suddenly Disappear

Back in June, the email client ditched two Snooze options which recorded very little use (Place and Someday). Just days ago, the most recent update for the mobile app became available for version 1.76.207204234. Since that time, users have taken to forums to report the disappearance of “Save to Inbox.”

This is curious, given that it’s a neat shortcut. Instead of emailing links, users are able to just tap and save for later. Now, the email client loads a new message, with the link already inserted. Additionally, the Inbox Chrome extension is also gone.

Here’s a GIF of “Save to Inbox,” in-action, courtesy of Android Police:

Credit: Android Police

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