June 1, 2020
Instagram Group Stories

Instagram is Now Experimenting with Group Stories after Parent Company Facebook Ditches Them

Instagram Group Stories are now in limited testing, after parent company Facebook tried them and then abandon the format…

Although Facebook took a stab at Group Stories in a brief experiment, it didn’t find pan out. So, the company plans to nix the option. However, this doesn’t mean Facebook is ready to give it up completely.

Instagram begins Testing Group Stories after Facebook Abandons Them

While Facebook has already shut down Group Stories, it’s now looking to Instagram as a possible fit.

Group Stories went live only about nine months ago on the flagship. But, during that time, the feature never caught on with users. After its demise, Facebook has deleted any existing content. Of course, users can’t create new ones but individual Stories will stay intact.

Now, it appears the format will indeed live on, as app researcher Jane Manchun Wong has uncovered the option for Instagram.

Of course, just because Facebook is trying out an alternative with Instagram doesn’t mean the feature will live on. But, given the Instagram environment, the tool definitely has a more realistic shot of catching on with users.

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