June 3, 2020
Instagram Direct standalone messaging app

Instagram Announces Separate Messenger App for Direct

Instagram will offer a standalone version of Instagram Direct as a messaging app, starting with a test run in several countries…

The most popular image-sharing social network, Instagram, announced the new standalone messenger app. It would replace the Direct feature that has always been the part of the main app.

On March 17, the company launched the testing period for the new app in such countries as Italy, Turkey, Uruguay, Portugal, Chile, and Israel. However, it’s still a question if the new Direct has a chance to compete with other Facebook products and Snapchat. Freepps review team has already tested the temporary version, and here are the outcomes. 

Instagram Direct Standalone Messaging App Revealed

The testing version of the app is focused solely on the Direct messaging feature. The entire app looks and works very similar to the original Instagram app. When you launch Direct, the app opens with the camera on, but it lets you reach the messenger a bit faster. Although we had the US version of Instagram, the testing version of Direct managed to remove the messaging option from the “mother” app automatically. 

The new application includes 3 main tabs, including the default camera mode that opens on the launch, the list of available Instagram sections, and the messenger itself. To access the messenger, you can swipe right and start typing.

The core design of this messaging spin-off is similar to the good old concept created by the company in 2004. The initial messenger had a rather cold welcome from users. However, in April 2019, it managed to reach 375 million monthly active users. That’s even bigger than the total base of Snapchat monthly active users.

Facebook Did It 

When we first saw the announcement at Freepps.top, we were very surprised because the last attempt to make a separate Direct messenger wasn’t successful due to high competition with Snapchat and other messengers.

However, Instagram’s product manager Hemal Shah believes that Direct has grown big enough since then to hit the market this time. It’s an attempt to make users split their public activities on Instagram and private image and video-sharing. 

Shah said that Facebook has already passed the separation stage, and now it’s available as a main app for public communication and a messenger for private conversations. The company hopes that the second attempt to detach Direct from Instagram will work out despite the high competition with Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and Snapchat. 

Will it Work Out?

The attempt to create a standalone messenger for chatting with Instagram friends looks very promising. But can the company overcome the fall Direct from Instagram in 2019 and make it good enough to compete with the original Direct?

The final version for users worldwide must offer something more than it has today. Otherwise, it’s bound to stick in the middle with 1 million downloads. The iOS testing version is still unavailable, so we just have to keep waiting to see the result. Keep tweaking with us to know more details about the project as soon as they arrive. 

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