Facebook will Soon Place Ads on the Instagram Explore Feed

Instagram Explore feed ads will soon be part of the interface’s reality, but they won’t be outright conspicuous until users take action…

The old saying about when something is free, the user is the product is most definitely true. It’s the entire business model behind Google, Facebook, and many more tech giants.

Instagram Explore Feed Ads coming Soon

Now, Facebook is expanding its ad-earning prowess to include the Explore feed on subsidiary Instagram

There’s a bit of good news, here. The ads won’t appear right on the Explore page. Instead, they’ll reside within the posts inside the feed. So, users who tap on a post to go into a discovery feed will see photo and video ads.

The first advertisement is for IGTV, which has already started rolling out. Over the next few weeks and months, the platform will open the format to some third-party brands and then to everyone.

Instagram already runs ads in its main feed and in Stories, with this being an untapped revenue source, until now.

Susan Buckner Rose, director of business product marketing, tells The Verge the following:

“Explore is where people are really open to discovery, and that’s why we’re really excited about this.”

Bill Boyles

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