May 31, 2020
Instagram removes IGTV button

Instagram Pulls the Plug on its IGTV Button because No One Used It

Facebook subsidiary Instagram has pulled its IGTV button from its platform because most users prefer to find that content in their main feed…

IGTV was intended as a jumping point for video dominance through Instagram. But, it’s not amassed the adoption Facebook hoped for from the start. After a few telltale concessions, subsidiary Instagram is about to make another. It’s going to remove the IGTV icon from its main interface.

Instagram Removes its IGTV Button Due to Low User Adoption Rate

Instagram will soon remove its IGTV shortcut from the main landing page due to its low usage. Although people still watch IGTV, they’re not finding their way through the IGTV button. Instead, users prefer going through their main news feed, the relevant Explore channel, the standalone IGTV mobile application, or other users’ profiles.

This isn’t the first sign of its low adoption. For instance, Instagram once restricted videos to vertical shoots. Then, it capitulated, allowing landscape video. Recently, it added an option to post IGTV videos directly from the dedicated app.

The reason for the button’s poor performance isn’t explicitly known. Perhaps, it’s merely the way people interact with the platform. Or, it could be due to the fact that people just don’t turn to Instagram to watch professionally produced, 5-minute videos.

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