April 1, 2020
Instagram slow-mo video

Instagram Testing Slow-Mo Videos, Mute Option, and More

A peek inside the app’s code reveals an Instagram slow-mo video test, along with a mute button, Story Reactions, and more…

Instagram is quite busy these days. In fact, it’s apparently testing a number of new features at once. Recently, a computer science student examined the app’s code, which revealed a few big surprises.

Instagram Slow-Mo Video, Mute Feature, and More Testing Uncovered

Among the new tools are Story Reactions, which of course, are very similar to parent company Facebook:

Next up is another Facebook-like option, a mute button for specific users and posts, which seems to be a quasi-copy of Facebook “Snooze”

Then, there’s also a calendar view for the Instagram Stories Archive:

Perhaps the most unique is a new “Slow-Mo” video tool for Stories:

Apparently borrowing from Messenger is a new video call feature for Instagram:

It’s common for social and search companies to conduct limited tests. Thus far, Instagram hasn’t commented on any of these tools. So, they might or might not work their way to end-users in wide, stable release.