July 2, 2020
Microsoft integrates visual search into the Windows search bar

Microsoft Adds Visual Search Capabilities to the Windows Search Bar

Microsoft brings its Visual Search function to Windows via the search bar, bypassing the need for a web browser to find matches…

Visual search is becoming more readily available. It’s currently found in places like Google Lens and through various browsers, including those made by Microsoft. But, the medium is still quite a bit away from being a mainstream of search. Although, it just got a little more attention as Microsoft has built it right into the Windows search bar.

Microsoft Integrates Visual Search into the Windows Search Bar

The new Windows visual search tool in the OS’s search bar is available starting today. And, it works without the need to open a dedicated browser.

People can submit either full or partial screenshots to find objects within an image. Right now, the feature is only in the US, but other markets will soon follow.

For those unfamiliar with the technology, visual search is a way to capture an image — either on the web or in real life — and then search for an object in the image on the web. So, it’s ideal to find a certain piece of furniture in a room. Or, to identify an unknown plant or animal in a picture.

Ravi Yada, product lead for Bing Visual Search, explains:

“Visual search is a new way of searching. There are a lot of things you can’t describe in words to get good enough results. By using an image as input for search, Bing can help you search what you see.”

Microsoft integrates visual search into the Windows search bar in action
Credit: Microsoft

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