May 29, 2020
recommended Firefox extensions

Mozilla Begins Curating Recommended Firefox Extensions to Its Users

Mozilla is now displaying its recommended extensions for Firefox on desktop, alerting users to some of the most helpful programs…

Mozilla is making it a bit easier for its Firefox users to find quality extensions. The browsers brings up the most secure extensions, which also display solid usability, and usefulness.

Mozilla Starts Curating Recommended Firefox Extensions

The new recommended Firefox extensions are located in the Get Add-ons page within the Firefox Add-Ons Manager. 

Additionally, Mozilla has included a new feature which gives users the ability to report bad extensions. (Those extensions must come directly from the Add-ons Manager itself.)

Moreover, the Firefox Reader View dark mode is now darker than previously. It used to only apply to the text area only but now extends out to the entire page and its background. This makes it a lot easier on the eyes and provides a more uniform, uninterrupted experience.

Mozilla has also updated its iOS, which now includes a Recently Bookmarked section. Plus, users can now edit bookmarks, to reorder and/or rename them, or change URLs. 

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