June 3, 2020
Netflix Restoring Normal European Streaming Quality

After Reducing Streaming Quality, Netflix is Bringing it Back to Normal in Parts of Europe

Netflix is starting to reestablish its streaming quality in portions of Europe, after degrading it to limit bandwidth usage during the coronavirus pandemic…

Super popular streaming service Netflix is readying itself to reinstate its previous streaming quality, after toning it down to prevent exhausting bandwidth usage in most of Europe. Now that some countries are returning to normalized operations, there’s no longer a need to restrict streaming quality.

Netflix Restoring Normal European Streaming Quality

Recently, viewers in countries such as Denmark, Norway, Germany, and other countries have reported better streaming quality or improved bitrate. Back in late March, Netflix reduced its streaming quality in Europe for 30 days in order to help lessen network congestion. Although, Netflix wasn’t alone, by any means.

Amazon did the same right after, to lessen the demand on broadband networks. Next, Facebook and Instagram joined, decreasing the video quality on their platforms only days later after the streaming services. Other services also reduced their presence on bandwidth systems and now, are slowly beginning to return to previous levels.

Netflix already adjusts its streaming capabilities with an automatic tool that fine-tunes its rates based on accessible bandwidth. This way, viewers can keep watching, even when connections aren’t as stable or robust.

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