New Facebook Universal Music Group Deal will Let Users Upload Tunes to Videos

A newly signed Facebook Universal Music deal will provide users with an option to upload music in their videos, along with Instagram and Oculus…

Facebook just agreed to a multi-year deal with Universal Music Group. The arrangement will let users upload music in the videos. And, it will work with Instagram and Oculus, as well. The deal gives users the ability to upload and share videos containing music by UMG’s artists without violating copyright laws. In the past, such content was removed.

Freshly Inked Facebook Universal Music Deal gives Users the Option to Upload Music in Videos

This deal is a way to address at least some of the issues with intellectual property on the social platform. Facebook notes this is just a first step but states it’s working with UMG to create “music-based products,” according to The Verge.

Although Universal is the first to sign such an agreement, it isn’t the only label in talks with Facebook. In fact, the social network is currently in negotiations with Warner Music Group and Sony Music Group. 

Back in 2015, Facebook began talking with labels. The social site explored ways to incorporate music into its services. But, it wasn’t interested in building an on-demand streaming service. Through the negotiations, it found way to address copyright issues, which will make both users and labels happy.

This deal might prove useful for Facebook as the social network seeks a way to compete more directly with YouTube. The multi-year agreement will eventually expand to Facebook Messenger, according to Reuters.

“The partnership will facilitate deeper engagement between artists and fans, empowering users to express themselves through music, share the songs they love and build communities around music-fueled culture. Enabling a variety of features across Facebook’s platforms, the agreement is intended to serve as a foundation for a strategic partnership roadmap that will deliver new music-based experiences online,” Universal wrote in a press release.

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